Minardi Piume

Fancy Feathers

Fancy Feathers Department, the one who got the company started in 1916, collaborates with the highest names in Haute Couture, Prêt-à-porter, fashion events and with the most prestigious houses of Venetian craftsmen for Carnival and parties. Feathers are selected, dyed and assembled from our staff by hand in our factory, each creation is unique and created ad hoc for meeting the needs of each client, in complete environmental-friendly surroundings.

Our feathers come from domesticated farms around the world where the animals are kept in captivity, no protected species are allowed. Minardi Piume strongly condemns any form of live plucking. Rigorous checks at the origin and our deep know-how of raw material, as well as regular external audits, ensure that our production chain is free from any form of harmful practices against animals.


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